Nasri Zihoune // Assistant Product Manager

Nasri, could you introduce yourself ? Hi, I’m Nasri. I’m a 23 Parisian boy working in makeup luxury marketing. I’m passionate about the history of Couture houses. I’d say that my favorite House is Chanel. It has such a strong history that is being reinvented every seasons by the genius of Karl Lagerfeld. He’s so great, you can only have respect for his work.

Could you define the style of Chanel? I guess to me Chanel is about simplicity. Fabrics that are easy to wear, as are the fragrances and the makeup. The style is simple but at the same time very sophisticated, and this is what defines true luxury for me. But above all, Chanel is a trendsetter. It succeeds in surprising everyone every time a new collection, fragrance, or lipstick is launched.

Paris, fashion, beauty, what do these words mean to you? Paris is the home city of fashion and beauty. The greatest and most successful fashion and luxury brands were born in Paris. From Louis Vuitton to Dior, and more recently Sandro or The Kooples, Paris has a strong heritage and has a very dynamic fashion industry. French beauty brands are also very renowned. One of the best examples may be Lancôme, which has managed to cross the decades while still being relevant to women today. The worldwide success of Hypnôse mascara is a great illustration of how much Lancôme has been able to reinvent itself by listening to women’s desires.

If you had to choose only one beauty product from your favorite brand, which one would be it? I’d choose the Face Fabric from Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. It has the most amazing texture: like a fabric for the skin. It suits to every women, even those who hate wearing foundations or hate feeling like they are wearing one.

Which product would you have liked to create? Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent: the best and easiest way to bring light to the face.

What do you think are the worst beauty « faux pas »? There are many! Wearing the wrong foundation, wearing too much foundation, choosing a darker lip pencil than the color of the lipstick… I couldn’t say them all! The best way to avoid them is to keep it simple and not feel too made up.

What do you think are the products a woman should carry with her everywhere? A good concealer, like Touche Eclat by YSL and a lipstick, easy to wear and to apply like Rouge Coco by Chanel or Rouge in Love by Lancôme.

Who is your beauty icon? You are my beauty icon Elise, in competiton in my heart with Adriana Lima!

- Nasri Zihoune

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